Exciting News!

We are excited to announce we will be offering a new class at Stavna!

Welcome TonyTunes to our Academy!

What is TonyTunes?

TonyTunes is a live music program for children, ages 1 to 4.  Tony leads the class with his guitar, drums and voice. Each class incorporates movement, singing and musical instruments into a fast-flowing, interactive experience. This is great way to develop both motor skills and social skills while deepening music appreciation. TonyTunes selects songs that promote literacy and vocabulary in addition to rhythm and other fundamentals of music.

We are so pumped to have this available for anyone who is interested! Classes will be held Tuesdays at 10 AM. Classes start after 10/9.

Come to Stavna on October 9th at 10 AM for a FREE CLASS!

We hope to see you there! Check some of TonyTunes videos out!

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Stavna Ballet