Inspiring youth to reach their full potential.



Stavna Reach aims to inspire youth in the Greater Richmond region to reach their full potential by promoting dance and movement as part of a healthy lifestyle. This multifaceted community outreach program makes dance more accessible to underserved youth in the Richmond area while helping to make a positive impact on children’s academics, social and artistic lives.

Stavna is unique & confident in what they offer. They have every reason to be proud to showcase their love of dance as well as their commitment to teach the art of dance to the young dancers of Richmond.
— proud parent
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The following are a list of sample outreach programs we offer through Stavna Reach. If you're interested in another type of outreach programming, please just ask! We would love to design a custom outreach program focused on movement for your organization, school, or institution.



Stavna Ballet offers Educational Performance Programs to schools throughout Richmond. Our adaptation of story book ballets provides students with the unique opportunity to watch our dancers perform and gain insight to the language of dance. Designed specifically for young audiences, our 30-45 minute program includes music, storytelling, ballet performance and an interactive learning experience. These programs can be tailored for your school or local community event.



The Stavna Movement Classes are appropriate for boys and girls of all ages and are all about giving children the courage to explore creative outlets. These workshops include a 45 minute class taught by one of our Instructors and incorporates simple and upbeat dance exercises. This class encourages physical activity, analytical thinking and team building all while enhancing the appreciation of dance and art in young students. Designed to inspire children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about dance, these workshops can can be incorporated into your school, church, or community programs.



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