An Innovative dance studio in a professional ballet environment. 


Our Dance Studio uses Studio Director to manage all of our dance class schedules, registration, and payment. Please, call us if you have any questions!



The Stavna Dance Academy is the official training school of the Stavna Ballet. At our dance studio we offer exciting and progressive Academy dance programs for beginners as well as pre-professionals, we allow each student to enrich their lives through the art of dance in whatever way they choose. 


The Stavna Dance Academy provides quality dance classes taught by world-class professionals in Midlothian, Virginia. Students can watch the Stavna Ballet Company rehearse and even have the opportunity to perform in their productions. Dance Academy programs at Stavna Ballet are available for students ages 2-18 and they may take a variety of classes based on their individual interests including jazz, modern, tap, ballet or contemporary dance. Our goal is to help nurture the love of dance through an exciting and progressive curriculum. In addition to teaching dance at the highest level, we work to promote confidence and self-awareness that will help dancers achieve their goals both inside and outside of the Dance Academy. 

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Our daughter has flourished and rediscovered her love of dance. For her, learning the art of dance and participating with a professional company in productions and being treated as an equal in age appropriate classes has allowed her flourish. Learning dance terminology, classical music, and being able to come home and look up dance classics because that curiosity and love is being instilled in her at class is amazing!
— Proud Parent

Important Dates 

First day of 2019-2020 season: Monday, September 9th, 2019

Below are the dates that the studio will be closed for national holidays. We also adhere to Chesterfield County's inclement weather closings.  

Dracula: Annual Fundraiser and Ballet performance: October 17th

Thanksgiving Break: November 25th- October 1st

Winter Break: December 234d, January 3rd

Alice in Wonderland Professional Company and SYB performance: January 11th and 12th

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: January 20

President Washington's Birthday: February 17th

Spring Break: April 6th- 12th

Directors Choice Company Performance: May 1st, 2nd

Stavna Academy Showcase: May 30th, 31st

Young Dancers Series: (camp ages 3-11) June 22nd-26th

Ballet Intensive: (ages 12-22) August 4th-15th

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Looking for a fun dance themed birthday party in Midlothian, Virginia? A ballerina or dance party is fun for all ages!